Portable Microwave Oven

we will share the top best portable microwave oven that can assist you with preparing food, warm food and keeping the food warm in a hurry.

Who could do without warm and newly prepared food? In Portable Microwave Oven All things considered, we as a whole love warm and newly prepared food, all things considered, we as a whole are working constantly for food and it is exceptionally terrible on the off chance that we eat old food.

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Farochy Electric Portable Microwave oven

Farochy lunch box food radiator is worked with premium PP material which is eco-accommodating, high-temperature safe, non-poisonous, solid and protected to utilize. Food hotter is a 2 out of 1 food hotter for example it accompanies a 12v connector which can be utilized on vehicles or trucks and a 110v fitting which can be utilized at home or workplaces. Very much like other food warmers, Farochy electric lunch box has no buttons or clock, you simply have to module the connector into the power source and your food begins warming or cooking. You can utilize it to prepare food, warm food or frozen meats and vegetables.

This dc portable microwave oven has a marker which illuminates when the food begins warming. This electric food hotter lunch box accompanies 1 metal flatware box, 1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 plastic extra compartment, a 12v connector for vehicles or trucks, a 110v fitting for home, everyday life use. You will likewise get a protection sack which additionally made it simple to convey.

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Farochy food radiator is likewise simple to clean extraordinary thanks to removable parts of this portable microwave oven

  • Simple to utilize, simple to perfect and protected to utilize
  • Appropriate for vehicles, trucks, home, schools and workplaces
  • Quick warming
  • 1.5 liter of limit
  • Adornments included: 12v connector for vehicle or truck, 110v fitting for office or home, 1 plastic spoon, 1 plastic extra compartment, 1 Fork, 1 Metal Flatware Box and 1 protected lunch sack
  • Channels vehicle battery (Use it in the wake of turning over your motor)
  • Not appropriate to warm food which is simply removed from the fridge

Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Grey & Lime portable microwave oven

Is it true or not that you are searching for another lunch hotter and compact microwave? The Stewing pot Lunch Vessel Food Hotter is the ideal size for individual piece snacks or plunges.

Crockpot Electric Lunch Box

  • 20 ounce limit is the ideal size for individual piece snacks or for plunges
  • Welcome the solace of tasty dinners in a hurry
  • Dishwasher safe removable compartment with spill verification top
  • Outside doesn’t get hot when being used
  • Simple Travel cover for compact

It’s dishwasher protected and simple to clean, making it ideal for anybody who needs to have their food warm at noon without investing energy cooking in the first part of the day. Besides, it has a spill-confirmation top so there are no spills.

Keep Dinner Warm

The outside doesn’t get hot when being used. It’s additionally perfect if you have any desire to take your feast in a hurry with you. Just put on this movement cover and take your delectable warm dinner anyplace.

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Smooth Plan

You might actually carry it into work with you as a result of smooth plan won’t stand apart a lot among the wide range of various office supplies. Nobody will understand what a lifeline this little gadget is until they attempt it themselves.


Inside limit 0.57 Liters, Thing Weight 1.65 Pounds Is Dishwasher Safe Yes Voltage 110 Volts Example Hotter Brand Stewing pot Variety Dark and Lime Material Plastic.

  • Convenient best for vehicles and trucks
  • Modest Cost
  • Trendy Look
  • Simple Convey     
  • Not large enough for 3 individuals

Conveying Handle

Convenient is consistently an or more when you’re in a hurry. This microwave will make your food taste over and above anyone’s expectations previously! With its cool-contact outside and conveying handle, it’s really simple to ship anyplace with only one hand – all while looking smooth sufficient that not even Mr.- Grabby Hands can oppose getting his next delectable dinner from this awful kid

Try not to stress over running out or sitting around idly for dishes since thanks to our licensed Cool Touch Technology these machines are planned so clients don’t have actual contact with sharp metal parts inside

Warming Base

Module when you show up at your objective and let the warming base intensity up any extras, soups, or cereal.

Line Capacity

At the point when you’re finished with your dinner, get some margin to tidy up. Utilize a tad of water and paper towels or material napkins so that it’s simple for everybody in your family when they have dishes later on at home!

Hot Logic 16801045-BLK 12V Portable microwave oven:

Hot Logic is the best portable microwave oven or food hotter and positioned on our rundown. HotLogic smaller than normal is the best development for the individual who invests a ton of energy in vehicles or trucks. This convenient broiler is reasonable for planning good feasts and warming your food. Hot Rationale small scale 12v food hotter is reduced in size and it seems to be a standard lunch box yet this customary looking lunch box can tackle your concern of eating flat food by giving newly prepared or warm food.

Hotlogic small scale is extremely easy to use as there are no buttons or a clock, you simply have to module the 12V connector straightforwardly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and it begins warming your food. This vehicle microwave comes protected inside and has a warming plate at the base with a zipper to lock the intensity inside to waiter impeccably prepared or warm food.

Other than no buttons or clock, this compact food hotter protected to utilize on the grounds that its warms up to a particular temperature and don’t goes past that regardless of whether you have connected it for quite a long time. Hotlogic accompanies a plastic silverware extra. You can likewise utilize cardboard, foil, metal, glass and plastic in it.

  • Simple and Protected to utilize
  • No food splatter, overcooked feasts and a frozen focus
  • Equitably cooks, warms new or frozen meats and vegetables
  • Warms food without drying out
  • Holds temperature for 12 hours
  • Channels vehicle battery (Use it subsequent to turning over your motor)

Nostalgia BST3RR 3-in-1 family size multi-function portable microwave oven

Are you searching for another morning meal station outside The Wistfulness BST3RR 3-in-1 Family Size Multi-Capability Breakfast Station is the ideal answer for your morning issues while you are away from home.

This bundle contains all that you really want to set up a feast, and it makes cooking a breeze. This adaptable breakfast station empowers you to sear eggs, make hotcakes, cook bacon, blend espresso, heat bread and hotdog at the same time.

Cleanup is a breeze on the grounds that the broiler plate, wire rack, piece plate, and nonstick frying pan are removable. So go on – dispose of that old waffle creator or hotcake frying pan that occupies such a lot of room on your ledge.


This multi-capability breakfast station will take care of you from sunup to dusk. this is the best compact scaled down microwave for your open air life.

Voltage and Aspect

This little microwave requires 110 volts of electrical power levels association with work. The thing Aspects are 19.25 long, 11.75 wide, and tall with a complete load of 14 lbs.


This microwave can be utilized for the two heatings and thawing out so it’s ideal assuming you want your food prepared any time. The absolute weight of this convenient microwave is 14.8 pounds.

  • Little Multi Capability Microwave
  • Simple to Clean
  • Convenient
  • Snazzy look
  • Flexible breakfast station
  • MULTI-Working Toaster oven
  • 3-Mug Espresso Creator
  • FAMILY-SIZED Frying pan
  • Simple Tidy UP
  • You can’t notice stove temperature, in light of the fact that there isn’t screen to show.
  • You can not utilize multifunction at a time

What can You Cook in Nostalgia BST3RR

Frying pan

This portable microwave oven is best for fluid food (tea, espresso), toasts, and breakfast feast. The non-stick frying pan has a lot of space for your food to be cooked.

Espresso Producer

with the ideal espresso producer of this versatile microwave, it became more straightforward to make espresso, pour required water in the water tank scoop espresso ground into the channel and your espresso prepared to serve.


The toaster isn’t just for four cuts of bread yet it likewise heats a pizza or treat inside it without any problem.

Electric Lunch Box 2 in 1, Electric Lunch Box and portable oven

Is it true that you are searching for another compact microwave to warm food from a vehicle battery?

Motivation to Purchase

The convenient food hotter is the ideal answer for your noon difficulty. You can partake in your food at its best the entire day since it keeps your food warm and heavenly.

Moreover, it is unimaginably simple to utilize – basically plug it into a typical vehicle lighter attachment and go. With two distinct fittings (one for home/work and one for vehicles/trucks), it is great for use any place you go.

Best for Everyday Use

You won’t find another item like this available today. It’s an astounding item as well as an unbelievable encounter you can have the entire life.

Non-Tacky Material

With this vehicle microwave electric food hotter, there’s compelling reason need to stress over cold or tepid send-offs at any point in the future. Just module and go it couldn’t be simpler than that. Because of the non-stick material, the removable treated steel plate makes tidy up speedy and straightforward.

Huge Limit

It has an element of 9.3 x 6.7 x 4.3 inch and has a huge Limit of 1.5L in which you can put different staple which will be warmed for additional time.

Twofold Voltage

The new versatile microwave is twofold voltage, supporting the two vehicles utilize 12V/24V, this can likewise be utilized from vehicles lighter attachment.

The consistent warming PTC settings give greatest wellbeing and protection from overheating with a low utilization heat cycle that saves food at reasonable temperatures for longer timeframes while keeping dampness levels down in the entirety of your #1 dishes!

With its tempered steel 304 compartment material produced using Food Grade Material and PP materials, this smooth looking gadget will keep even the pickiest eater fulfilled during those troublesome evening gatherings when you really want to concoct something fast yet sound after throughout the entire these working days to come.

Notice Read Cautiously.

  • Try not to warm this item inside microwaves.
  • This isn’t appropriate for preparing food, ought to be utilized exclusively for warming or heated dinners.
  • Prior to utilizing this generally open the exhaust cover/security lock.
  • to involve this as an eating bowl then, at that point, consistently turn off prior to eating in it.
  • this item isn’t suggested for frozen food.
  • Run Small scale Toaster Cooker and convenient microwave

Could it be said that you are searching for another small scale microwave with every one of the essential highlights?

The Scramble Little minimal size Toaster Cooker is the ideal gadget for anybody who believes that should accomplish more with their little microwave apparatuses.

It’s loaded with highlights that make day to day existence simpler, seriously engaging, and more useful for side of the road eating. You won’t find another gadget like it available today. It’s an astonishing item as well as an inconceivable encounter you can have the entire life.

Electric Lunch Box, 2 in 1 Food Heater Portable Microwave oven for Car, Truck, Office 12V 24V & 110V

Could it be said that you are burnt out on having cold nourishment for lunch?

The Electric Lunch Box is the ideal elective answer for the compact microwave and every one of your concerns outside. A compact microwave permits you to warm up your food and appreciate it hot! You can now eat flavorful, warm dinners at work or in a hurry without burning through cash on costly snacks out. This item will save space, time, and cash while likewise assisting you with remaining sound by not eating cheap food consistently.

With this electric lunch box, there’s compelling reason need to stress over a minimal microwave being accessible when it comes time for lunch. Simply plug in the vehicle connector or associate it with the vehicle battery and use it anyplace! Furthermore, with its smooth plan and present day variety choices, this item looks perfect in any setting whether at home or at work. Presently everybody can partake in their number one food sources whenever they need!

  • Protable food warmer
  • present day look
  • Modest Cost
  • Gorgeous Sack
  • numerous accessories
  • Little just for a few people

The Item Aspect of this compact microwave, length is 9.4, 6.7 level, and 4-inch profundity? It’s an extraordinary method for keeping your food warm when you’re in a hurry! The power link length is 31 1/2 inches (80 cm).

Lunch Box Limit: 1-1 5 LBS/0 – 2 KG Little Boxed Items even accompany simple one-contact fastens so there isn’t any requirement for complex guidelines or confounding charts like in more established models.”

Portable Oven, 110V Portable Food Warmer Personal portable microwave oven Mini Electric Heated Lunch Box   

Is it true or not that you are searching for a compact microwave that you can go on a vehicle outing?

This is one of the most mind-blowing compact small scale microwaves and the most adored food hotter on the planet. It’s loaded with highlights that make day to day existence simpler, seriously engaging, and more useful.

The ideal gadget for anybody maintains that should accomplish more with their telephone. What’s more, presently it comes in two sizes – so there’s a smaller than usual microwave for everybody.

You can utilize this compact broiler while your finger to rapidly swipe between applications or zoom into photographs, so everything feels liquid and normal on this bigger showcase.

With only one hand, you can undoubtedly arrive at content at the highest point of the screen without changing your hold or exchanging hands. You won’t find a productive cooking gadget like it available today.

It’s an astonishing item for warming dishes as well as a mind boggling experience with cooking power the entire life!

You will actually want to convey this conservative unit wherever with its 3-way conveying configuration (grasped in your grasp; filling in as a shoulder sack or holding tight lashes of knapsack). This convenient microwave is viable with most level base compartments including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, and aluminum foil!

  • Portable Microwave
  • Up-to-date Sack
  • Modest Cost
  • Fast Warming
  • Keep your food new
  • Little Microwave wave food warmer

Power Link Stockpiling

Hold your strings back from getting gone head to head with a rope that has a helpful external sleeve. The 3-foot long power link will keep your salon looking perfect and coordinated while remaining in style!

Thicker Aluminum Coating

This kitchen machine will keep your food warm longer than some other brand since it applies a 0.04 inch (1mm) thick coating for better intensity maintenance.

Premium Development

The best copper wire has been uniquely intended to productively lead power. Its external coat breezes through the reshaping assessment up to multiple times without breaking! This implies that your apparatuses will work much better when attached with this sturdy line – it can endure considerably more strain than different ropes available today because of its excellent material development and dependable sturdiness.

Cutlery Zipper Pocket

Intended for cutlery capacity, this pocket is made of top notch material and is solid. It’s likewise tear-safe so you can protect your blades in their sheaths! The sack aspects are 9″*7″ *3″.

Electric Lunch Box [Upgraded],60W Food Heater,12V 24V 110V 3 in1 Portable microwave for Car/Truck/Home

Might it be said that you are searching for another little microwaves lunch box for the vehicle or truck?

This is precisely exact thing you want. The Electric versatile microwave Box is the ideal answer for your cook food issues. It’s reduced, simple to-utilize, and can be utilized anyplace.

Whether you’re at home or in a hurry, this item will keep your food hot and new the entire day. You will not need to stress over cold sandwiches at any point in the future!

Assuming you need more advantageous transportation this unit is furnished with the best warming innovation for your specific dinners.

This versatile microwave has been planned with the best power supply innovation, it warms up rapidly and keeps your cook food warm for quite a long time.

This versatile microwave can be put in custom cupboards for warming food. Furthermore, it accompanies a spoon and fork so there are not any more filthy dishes to wash subsequent to eating! Simply toss everything into the dishwasher when you get back home from the open air trip.

  • Amazing Compact Microwave
  • Simple to convey
  • Lovely Sack
  • Various adornments
  • Modest Cost
  • Best for vehicles
  • Little food warmer

The Rudiments:

The thing aspects are 9.72 x 7.28 and 4.69 high; its shape is Rectangular with a load of 971 grams and the limit with respect to warming up 1/2 liters immediately!

Double Use-Intensity food securely in a hurry

Who doesn’t cherish a decent feast in a hurry? The FORABEST electric lunch box is ideal for the individuals who need their food warmed from a far distance, without pausing and begin once more.

It accompanies an effectively available 12V vehicle power line so you can utilize it while driving! Presently, all we really want are a long outings to make this extra beneficial we’ll take them where they’re Areas of strength for dairy!!

Advantageous and available for field laborers

The FORABEST electric lunch box is the ideal answer for when you really want a fast dinner during your normal working day. This smooth and snappy gadget will keep food hot or chilly, so not any more holding up in line at the microwave all the others!

Portable and helps students eat healthily

The FORABEST Electric Lunch Box is an incredible method for keeping your food warm and sound, while you’re moving. This device gets together effectively if there should arise an occurrence of crises or while pressing light for movement!

Incredible for picnics and vacations

Live at the time with this astonishing, exceptional item! It’ll keep your food warm and new for quite a long time without running into inconvenience. You could go on it on lengthy street outings or use it while getting a charge out of family time at home – not any more packed coolers at any point down the road. Figure out what these highlights are about by clicking underneath:

A microwave-safe lunch box that gives protection against warming up chilly food sources brought about by sitting close to a customary broiler while cooking

Hamilton Beach 11.6 QT Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie and Rotating Basket

Would you like to cook different food sources in your home with these best scaled down convenient microwaves? The Hamilton Ocean side 11.6 QT Advanced Air Fryer Broiler with Rotisserie and Turning Container is the main cooking machine.

You’ll at any point require on your ledge with 1700 watts it’s a strong air fryer, toaster, roaster, pizza stove, dehydrator, and sandwich producer across the board.

Customize Cooking Time

Modify your cooking by physically changing the time and temperature as long as an hour and 400° F. It has 6 machines in 1 for greater adaptability in less space. Effectively adjustable cooking control makes this flexible machine ideal for any food type or dinner size.

You can utilize this ledge microwave as an air fryer that utilizes quick hot-air course innovation so food is firm outwardly however clammy inside without added oil or margarine.

As a rotisserie stove where meats are slow-simmered at low temperatures while holding their normal juices as a convection broiler where intensity flowed equitably around food so everything cooks uniformly.

As a dehydrator that permits you to make sound bites like natural product rollups from new natural products like strawberries or bananas, as a sandwich creator that allows you to barbecue sandwiches rapidly utilizing only one side of the barbecuing plates rather than the two sides like most different models do.

Control Board

It likewise works completely well as a broiler while baking treats pies biscuits cakes slices of bread, pizza cuts, warming franks, goulashes lasagna quiche, and so on. With a lovely control board, this is the ideal machine for your kitchen.

You can have confidence that this item made with top notch 18/8 food-grade treated steel cooking surfaces is protected to use on the burner, in the microwave, or much under the oven.

Simple to Clean

Tidying up is likewise a fantasy as it’s 100 percent dishwasher-safe. The rope gauges roughly 33 inches long. A one-year restricted guarantee is incorporated at the hour of procurement.

  • Best smaller than expected microwave
  • Simple tweak cooking control
  • Excellent material
  • different extras
  • Cost is minimal high

Hamilton Ocean side offers extraordinary reasonable costs on a considerable lot of their ledge machines so look at them today! since you won’t track down the accompanying elements in some other microwave. Waring Star WMK600 Twofold Belgian Waffle Creator with Removable Plates, Treated Steel.

Travelisimo Car Electric Lunch Box 2 in 1:

Travelisimo food hotter is a 2 out of 1 food hotter which can be utilized in vehicle, trucks and office. You will get two attachments with this lunch box for example one 12v connector to involve it in vehicles or trucks and a 110v typical connector to utilize it at workplaces. Very much like other food warmers, Travelisimo electric lunch box has no buttons or clock, you simply have to module the connector into the power source and your food begins warming or cooking. You can utilize it to prepare food, warm food or frozen meats and vegetables.

Travelisimo lunch box has a removable compartment, a spoon compartment and a steam outlet which makes it extremely helpful. The steel plate inside the lunch box is additionally removable which makes it extremely simple to clean.

You will get these frill with this lunch box – 12v connector for vehicle or truck, 110v fitting for office or home, 1 plastic spoon, 1 plastic extra compartment and 1 manual.

  • Simple to utilize and protected to utilize
  • Simple cleaning
  • Reasonable for vehicles, trucks, home and workplaces
  • Quick warming
  • 1.5 liter of limit
  • Embellishments included: 12v connector for vehicle or truck, 110v fitting for office or home, 1 plastic spoon, 1 plastic extra compartment
  • Channels vehicle battery (Use it in the wake of turning over your motor)

Oster Diamond Force Nonstick XL 5 Quart Digital Air Fryer, 8 Functions with Digital Touchscreen   

Might it be said that you are searching for new air fryers and ledge microwaves? The Oster Jewel Power Nonstick Quart Computerized Air Fryer is an ideal decision for the counter space.

It has a mind boggling 5-quart limit, a dishwasher-safe cooking crate (see guidance booklet for nitty gritty cooking guidelines), and non-slide feet to keep it consistent on your ledge.

Furthermore, it’s built up with precious stone particles that structure an underlying lattice, making a more grounded covering for better nonstick execution over the long run it’s Oster’s longest-enduring nonstick yet.

You won’t find another cook innovation air fryer like this one available today. This item isn’t simply an astounding item yet in addition works without a glass turntable. You will find this compact microwave extremely helpful because of its tranquil activity execution.

  • High Quality
  • Stylish Look
  • Modern Technology
  • Easy to use
  • Portable oven
  • Cost is minimal high

With only one hand, you can undoubtedly arrive at content at the highest point of the screen without changing your hold or exchanging hands. You won’t find one more gadget for your apartment like today is available.

It’s an astounding item as well as an extraordinary encounter you can have the entire life.

De’Longhi Livenza 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker Programmable Slow Cooker Easy to Use and Clean, Nonstick Dishwasher Safe

Is it true that you are searching for a versatile microwave or another sluggish cooker? The DeLonghi Livenza 7-in-1 multi-Cooker is the ideal gadget for anybody who believes that should accomplish more with their sluggish cooker.

It’s loaded with highlights that make regular daily existence simpler, seriously engaging, more power-saving mode, and more useful.

These are the best compact microwaves results with shrewdly directed timing and temperature settings while 24-hour programmability makes cooking simple whenever of day.

Accuracy Cooking Control takes out mystery via consequently changing from Cook mode to Keep Warm mode when food is prepared to eat.

Dispose of the mystery with 24-hour programmability at the dash of a button with enlightened temperatures and times!

Across the board adaptability permits you to choose from Brown and Sauté Steam Rice Prepare and Slow Cook modes so the entirety of your #1 dishes are cooked completely without fail.

Simple Natural Plan dispenses with disarray by wiping out superfluous buttons for straightforward activity while an enormous LCD screen shows exact data about each capability including clock commencement status. This is the ideal vehicle microwave for you.

  • Compact Stove
  • Simple use
  • Wonderful Showcase Screen
  • Different capabilities
  • Cost is high

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp portable microwave oven

Do your adoration open air cooking and need to purchase a convenient microwave? The Camp Culinary expert Open air Broiler is the ideal expansion to your outside kitchen.

It’s loaded with highlights that make open air setting up camp simpler, seriously engaging, and more useful. You can utilize it to heat or dish anything from bread and cakes to meats and vegetables.

You won’t find another versatile microwave like this available today. In the event that you really want open air broiler warming, this is the ideal cooking setting for you.

It’s an astonishing item as well as a mind boggling experience you can have the entire setting up camp life.

With only one hand, you can undoubtedly arrive at content at the highest point of the screen without changing your hold or exchanging hands.

It has 7500 BTUs for every burner, 30000 BTUs in complete power yield, and nonstick veneer cooking surface. Top stove heat: 400 degrees – Broiler thermometer and two broiler racks.

  • Wonderful Microwave for open air setting up camp
  • Compact Microwave
  • Completely capability Microwave
  • Oven is added for you
  • Little Microwave wave food warmer

Battery channel

You could expect the 12V convenient microwaves can deplete your auto battery quickly. Be certain that unforeseen blackouts can likewise release your vehicle’s battery until it can’t fire up once more.  

Continuously utilize your standard microwave in power-saving mode. It is all around exhorted that vehicle administrators have their batteries tried well prior to setting out on any sort of undertaking to grasp its solidarity and strength.

In some cases an individual requirements to begin a vehicle to re-energize his battery whenever utilized habitually. Attempt to separate the smaller than expected microwaves from the power supply from the cigarette lighter attachment.

FAQs for portable microwave oven

What size is a little microwave oven?

All Microwaves that have the limit lower than 1.0 cubic ft, known as a little microwave.

What number of watts does a portable microwave oven utilize?

A little microwave utilizes under 500 W of energy, and some of them can be utilized on DC current moreover.

What number of amps does a portable microwave oven utilize?

A little microwave utilize under 3 amps, and some convenient microwave utilize under 1 amp too.

Where to purchase a Portable microwave oven?

Little microwaves are effectively accessible on amazon and discount shops.

For what reason do you want a smaller than expected compact microwave for outside cooking?

Little microwaves have to a lesser degree an effect from enormous microwaves. This is convenient when the power goes out and different crises happen when you can’t utilize your microwave oven.

Low Volt Required

It is compelling for warming cuts of pizza sandwiches, breakfast and snacks popcorn, soup, and sauces. It utilizes few power sources since you can utilize the 120V from the vehicle side cigarette attachment.

Speedy and Simple to Warm Food

It has every one of the rudiments ordinary of one standard oven including the capacity to warm food containers and child bottles in the briefest conceivable time. The lunch box style can warm food at a temperature of 140 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Convenient to Utilize

This portable microwave oven is an ordinary illustration of a windowed microwave that utilizes an inverter framework to control it. This implies you want a 12-volt DC supply, which drawn from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter fitting.

Plan and Low space

As far as possible the capacity to introduce this in enormous vehicles as well as those without any windows or sunroofs.


We have shared the purchasing guide for the best portable microwave oven that chips away at 12v cigarette lighter. As per us, Hot Rationale 16801045-BLK 12V compact food hotter is the best 12 volt portable microwave oven that you can purchase without reconsidering.

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