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A microwave toaster oven combo works rapidly to warm food and browns of the food the manner in which you want it to. It works a lot of like a typical convection broiler with a fan and warming components inside to flow heat. The manner in which these microwave toaster oven blends work is to diminish the preparing season of the food and searing remaining parts even. You even need to stress over no virus spots!

Assuming you’re the individual that needs to prepare supper consistently for your family, you’ll know that it is so vital to guarantee that your feasts are hot and cooked on time. Whether you’re the one cooking for the family the entire day, or you have visitors coming and you need to dazzle, a microwave toaster mix will finish the work! The best thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of room in the kitchen, and that implies that you don’t need to stress over finding space for each of the machines you might require.

There are highlights included with many microwave toaster combos that will pursue. From the extra racks and clocks to the keep warm and auto thaw out settings, you will find your microwave toaster combo exceptionally simple to utilize! You should simply sort out what you want the most in your new microwave toaster blend, and you’ll have the option to see as the right one.

Who should get this

A toaster is a multipurpose machine that allows you to toast bread and heat or warm food. It’s a decent option in contrast to starting up your standard broiler, particularly in hotter months — a toaster preheats in only a couple of moments (though a regular stove requires around 20 minutes to preheat), so it utilizes less energy and emits less intensity.

It’s likewise perfect for use in a little rental with a minuscule kitchen and a broiler that doesn’t function admirably (or is missing by and large). On the off chance that your kitchen is dynamic to such an extent that the stove is many times full, you can involve the toaster as Martha Rose Shulman — gourmet specialist and creator of The Straightforward Specialty of Veggie lover Cooking — does. At the point when she runs out of room, she told us, she goes to the toaster to make gratins, lasagna, and sandwiches.

In the event that you get a microwave toaster oven with a convection setting, you can likewise involve it for air broiling (air searing is, all things considered, just convection baking). While the fan isn’t exactly pretty much as strong as the ones in most case molded air fryers or air fryer toasters, it produces comparative outcomes. Following quite a while of testing, we’ve observed that convection toasters and air fryer toasters are more flexible machines than case formed air fryers (which are simply little, strong convection stoves). That is on the grounds that a toaster can fit more food immediately, and we would say it cooks all the more equally.


Convenience: Not in the least does possessing a solitary machine saves you space yet it will likewise set aside you cash over the long haul.

Versatility: Consider everything you can do! You can cook delightful fresh things, prepare, toast and even intensity up pizzas.

Space: Microwave-Toaster oven combos are frequently bigger than normal microwaves, giving you a lot of room to prepare your food.

Easy to Use: Despite the fact that they consolidate two distinct capabilities, it is shockingly simple to utilize this apparatus. With the assistance of the manual you’ll have the option to cook a wide range of things in the blink of an eye!

Power: Microwave-toaster combos are extremely strong, especially contrasted with standard toaster oven, and that implies in any event, toasting in much less time.

Mix Cooking: Some microwave-toaster combos, yet not every one of them, empower you to utilize the two sorts of cooking simultaneously, empowering you to make special dishes!​


We will carefully describe the situation in the accompanying segment however, as a general rule, you ought to pick your microwave-toaster oven combo in view of the accompanying measures:

  • It ought to accommodate your counters with space in excess
  • It ought to work with your home’s wattage
  • It ought to cover your fundamental requirements
  • It ought to fit easily affordable for you

Ensuring those four capabilities are met is the most effective way to guarantee you buy a top notch microwave-toaster oven combo that you can really utilize.

Should you consider an air fryer toaster oven or pod air fryer instead?

There’s not an immense distinction between toasters with convection and those showcased as air fryer toasters. Yet, we found that air fryer toasters ordinarily have all the more impressive convection fans, which assist them with cooking a piece quicker and make food somewhat crispier. In the event that that requests to you, or you’d find it supportive to have a devoted air fryer setting, consider one of those all things considered. (Fair warning: Our overhaul pick here, the Breville Savvy Broiler Air Fryer Genius, is additionally the top pick in our air fryer toaster guide.)

In the event that you might want to air fry, however you simply don’t have the space (or spending plan) for an air broiling toaster, then a case molded air fryer may be best for you. Since their little limit keeps your food near the fan and the warming components, case air fryers can make food much crispier, and frequently do so more rapidly, than their toaster formed cousins.

Their cooking containers can likewise be somewhat more secure or less complex to move than a hot prospect, new cooks, or those with portability concerns. Simply remember that the units will quite often cook somewhat less equitably, and generally speaking you’ll simply have the option to several servings all at once. The nonstick covering in the crates of unit formed air fryers are likewise liable to wear off inside a couple of years, so you’ll have to supplant either the container or your whole machine.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

A luxe toaster oven for air frying

This convection toaster has a somewhat more remarkable fan for air broiling than the Cuisinart, in addition to helpful markings on the entryway and the least demanding to-clean inside. It likewise has extra settings for sealing bread, slow cooking, and drying out.

In the event that you intend to air fry frequently, or wouldn’t fret paying as much as possible for a more cleaned generally insight, we’d suggest the great Breville Savvy Broiler Air Fryer Expert. This pricier broiler shares a significant number of similar highlights as our primary pick, the Cuisinart, including a huge stove limit, two broiler racks, and two convection fan speeds for more command over how you cook your food. One of the principal distinctions is that the Breville’s fan is a touch all the more remarkable and crisps up food quicker.

It likewise has recently a marginally greater pit, and accompanies a couple of extra settings certain individuals might see as valuable, including: confirmation, air fry, warm, treats, slow cook, and get dried out. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t think you’d make the most of these additional highlights, you’ll likely be similarly as content with the Cuisinart, which costs essentially less.


ELEMENT iQ SYSTEM: Using 6 independent quartz elements, smart algorithms steer power to where and when it’s needed to create the ideal cooking environment; Sensing and digital PID temperature control eliminates cold spots for precise and even cooking

AIR FRY & DEHYDRATE SETTINGS: Air fry French fries and other family favorites; Higher temperatures combined with super convection (maximized air flow) deliver crispy golden air fried foods; Dehydrate a wide range of food, up to 4 trays of goodness at once

SUPER CONVECTION TECHNOLOGY: 2 speed convection fan (super & regular) offers greater cooking control; Super convection provides a greater volume of hot air to ensure fast and even heat distribution perfect for air frying, dehydration and roasting

13 COOKING FUNCTIONS: Super versatile countertop oven and air fryer with 13 functions to guide you to perfection: Toast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Air Fry, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook and Dehydrate

EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: Extra large 21.5 x 17.1 x 12.7 inch interior with capacity for 9 slices of bread, a 14 pound turkey, air frying French fries and slow cooking with a 5 qt Dutch oven; Large enough to fit most 9 x 13 inch pans and 12 cup muffin trays

LCD DISPLAY: LCD display to easily access the built in smart functionality and all cooking functions; The LCD also indicates when pre-heat has completed and automatically begins to count down on the cooking time for perfect results

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 13 inch Pizza Pan; Two Oven Racks; 9 x13 inch Broil Rack and Enamel Roasting Pan; Mesh basket rack for dehydrating and air frying

Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven

The best small toaster oven

This reduced toaster was among the best at equitably toasting bread, baking treats, and rejuvenating frozen food varieties. It proceeded as well as or better than contenders that cost altogether more.

The sensibly evaluated Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster succeeds at making toast, treats, and frozen snacks. In our tests, it prepared food equitably and created no problem areas that would cause conflicting toasting.

Amazingly, it made toast quicker than a large portion of different models we attempted. This broiler occupies next to no room on a counter, yet fitting four slices of bread or a cut of extra pizza is still sufficiently huge. We think the FlashXpress is best for individuals who need to utilize a toaster only for toast or other little positions, such as setting up a small bunch of frozen snacks — however it was likewise one of the main models in this cost range that could equally fresh the skin on chicken thighs. For achieving greater errands, consider getting one of our different picks, the Cuisinart Culinary expert’s Convection Toaster or the Breville Brilliant Stove Air Fryer Master, every one of which holds a 13-inch pizza or up to nine cuts of bread.


A Compact, Easy-to-Use Oven Toaster: Toast, prepare, brown, and warm flawlessly, no preheat required — two infrared stove warming components are situated at the front and back for greatest productivity

Six 1-Touch Controls: Six preset cooking capabilities for the food varieties you love, in addition to warm, thaw out, and the sky is the limit from there, so that making it on the money couldn’t be less difficult

For So Much More than Just Toast: A reduced toaster that makes feasts, tidbits, and sides impeccably utilizing a manual temperature control and clock

Safety Features: Toasters baking rack is associated with the broiler entryway to easily pull the rack toward you as the entryway is opened; auto shut-off forestalls overcooking and consuming

Minimal, Appealing Plan that Fits Anyplace: The FlashXpress toaster oven novel plan and little impression is ideal for any kitchen style or ledge


This microwave toaster oven combo is a good option for most folks. It is affordably priced given its range of functionality.


The Cuisinart CMW-200 is a gorgeous machine. It has a tempered steel outside and makes certain to match almost any kitchen stylistic layout as it is unbiased. To see this machine, you would basically believe that it is a microwave. The dull colored glass is likewise an incredible component that give it a smooth look.

Be that as it may, how enormous is this microwave? Also, will it fit on your ledge or other assigned area?

In the event that you’ve at any point been to a machine store, you realize that there is many sizes for microwaves. While this machine is a good size, you shouldn’t have an issue tracking down a comfortable fit for it in your kitchen. It formally gauges 20 x 14.5 x 12 (LxWxH) which means around 1.2 cubic feet of inside space.

You ought to likewise realize that this machine isn’t one of those units that can be introduced over the oven (our microwave is that way). This one should go on your ledge and it ought to have a lot of freedom to stay away from a potential fire peril.

A few kitchens have an open cutaway rack or cubby opening worked for the microwave. Assuming you really do have one ensure that the aspects work for your space. For wellbeing, you will require around 6-creeps in the back for ventilation (allude to the manual).


One of the principal protests about this model is that the power is excessively low. Evaluated at 1000-watts for both the microwave and the convection stove, some have grumbled that it takes too lengthy to even consider warming up even some water. Then again you have people are simply happy with the force of this unit, it sort of contacts that Goldilocks zone.

In the event that the power is sufficient for you, you will be glad to realize that this unit has an exceptionally helpful element. Have you known about numerous stage cooking? Perhaps. In any case, have you known about a machine that can do it naturally. It works like this, suppose that you have a frozen Macintosh and cheddar. You can set it to thaw out, then, at that point, prepare, then, at that point, barbecue it to get a carmelized top to complete it (there is a top warming component).

Note: While utilizing this usefulness, you ought to realize that you ought to utilize a non-metal cookware assuming that exchanging among microwave and convection broiler capabilities.

Thawing out in a microwave is a component that we use at whatever point we’re after all other options have been exhausted. This unit has two thaw out modes – one by weight and the other by time.


The LCD screen and contact button control board/point of interaction is straight forward here. I’ve gone over control boards on items that were almost difficult to utilize and confounded me upon first use. For speedy cooking, there are 9 preset cooking capabilities: popcorn, potato, refreshment, warm, new vegetables, frozen vegetables, broil chicken, cake, and pizza.

For manual control you have microwave, convection, convection cook, convection quick prepare, barbecue/combo.


This Cuisinart microwave toaster accompanies each of the fundamentals that you could have to incorporate a reversible barbecuing rack and a turning 12-inch glass plate.


Clients that are happy with this broiler are content no sweat of-purpose, size and flexibility. It is by all accounts especially preferred by those living in restricted living arrangements, for example little condos/lofts. A few clients are joyfully shocked by the expense given the look and the usefulness. I’ve gone over some astonishing client photographs of dinners that you’d never accept emerged from a toaster, not to mention a microwave toaster mix.

However, there are a few clients that have voiced their complaints. As I like to say, no item is without wrongdoing. For this situation, the most unsettling grumbling is how much time that a few clients guarantee that it takes for the unit to heat up – they then, at that point, interface this to the power or rather the deficiency in that department.

These clients, nonetheless, might be new to the cycles of convection stoves. I have an excellent convection stove and it takes a short time for it to heat up. I just put the food in the stove while it’s warming up and change the time in like manner. Some might see this as a split the difference at the same time, it works.

One more serious grievance that I’ve gone over a few times was the freedom necessities. Actually you really want 12″ of top freedom which, for most people, implies that the microwave can’t be set under above cupboards.


The guarantee is 3-years

  • Little minimal plan is ideally suited for those residing in little places
  • Reasonable – particularly taking into account the elements
  • Looks great – brushed tempered steel outside
  • Bunches of cooking capabilities
  • Various stage cooking – thaw out, then, at that point, prepare, then barbecue naturally
  • A few clients grumble about an absence of force
  • Freedom – you really want 12-creeps of top leeway


This stove is a genuine across the board machine. It capabilities as a microwave, convection stove, and, surprisingly, a grill. It offers a genuine space-saving arrangement and could be the ideal choice for those short on space and assets. See whether this model is the right one for you.


To take a gander at this Samsung microwave, you would hope to pay something else for it. It great searches in dark and tempered steel. The cutting edge look and feel of the outside sees a long handle that traverses the width of the entryway.

This model takes on additional outside highlights of a broiler than you could anticipate. For one’s purposes, the entryway is a drop down model. Likewise, this unit has a clay inside which is ideal for directing intensity. Another advantage is that artistic is more scratch safe and doesn’t ingest scents of the food. This is significant on the grounds that food varieties will cook longer in this broiler than they would in conventional microwaves (customary stoves as a rule have a plastic inside).

Fitting on your countertop is measured. This is certainly not an over-the-range model. I tracked down exceptionally precise aspect estimations while exploring this unit: 12-3/16 by 20-9/16 by 19-15/16 inches (HxWxL). The inside is a fair size, around 1.1 cubic feet. This is sufficiently enormous to prepare an entire chicken in it.


The control board point of interaction isn’t the most easy to use yet I saw that a few clients bring up that you should peruse the manual to truly sort things out.

There are buttons for the accompanying cooking modes: “thin fry”, “popcorn”, “thaw out”, “auto warm/cook”, “convection”, “quick preheat”, “barbecue”, “microwave-barbecue”, “microwave-convection”, and “microwave”.

You utilize the dial to choose the cooking time which is much simpler than over and over squeezing a button to increment or decline the clock.

Assuming there is any disarray, it would likely come from the “thin fry”, “microwave-barbecue”, and “microwave-convection” modes. These are made sense of in more detail beneath.


This model is appraised at 1000 watts of force. A few clients gripe that this absence of force implies expanded cooking times. The stove goes as far as possible up to 400-degrees which is really great for cooking most dishes. Despite the fact that there are a few clients that gripe that their unit overheats and afterward closes down subsequent to arriving at high temperatures. Yet, this could be because of an absence of legitimate leeway.

The thin fry setting is one that was different to me while investigating this item. What I found was that this new capability works like an air fryer. It utilizes a blend of microwave and convection – quickly flowing hot air around the food. This prepares the food without extra dampness or oil.

The thin fry isn’t only one setting, it’s really 9 (excluding sub-choices for weight). It really sounds sort of confounding to utilize. This mode is for speed, yet taste might be forfeited. I’d pick to simply utilize the convection setting.

We don’t actually utilize our microwave toaster oven a lot with the exception of frozen food sources that call for it or on the other hand if we have any desire to rapidly warm up food and we don’t want to trust that the toaster will warm up. This unit has settings that utilization a blend of microwave and barbecuing/convection. Fundamentally, you get the speed of microwaving and the firmness that convection and barbecuing give you.


This unit accompanies a barbecuing rack, a glass turntable, and an earthenware punctured crisping dish.


The guarantee is 1-year


Client encounters with this machine are really blended. You should, in all seriousness read through certain audits for this microwave before you choose to get it (albeit the very applies to any item that you purchase). There are numerous clients who are content with their decision and most remarkably the microwaving capability of the machine.

Yet, there are many that report not exactly palatable encounters. The most reliable protests are issues of strength. A few clients report having the machine closed down when it overheats. Others report that they need to expand the cooking times for normal dishes on account of the absence of force.

  • Gorgeous microwave toaster
  • A wide range of capabilities
  • Thin fry works on the taste and surface of seared food sources
  • Blend cooking modes for example microwave-barbecue and microwave-convection
  • Add 30-seconds highlight
  • Dial can be utilized to eliminate 10 seconds from the cooking time
  • Artistic veneer inside is scratch and smell safe
  • A ton of sturdiness protests
  • Prepare capability last 60 minutes
  • Pull down entryway doesn’t lay level and can be hard to eliminate container from stove
  • Not the most easy to understand interface

How we picked

In the wake of talking with our specialists and going through years doing our own drawn out testing, we made a rundown of the main characteristics to search for while you’re picking a toaster:

Simplicity of activity:

A decent microwave toaster oven ought to be instinctive to use, with obviously marked controls and a simple to-understand show. The most fundamental elements ought to incorporate customizable temperature controls (preferably between 150 °F and 450 °F) and flexible toast-conceal settings.

Even heating:

A few variables assume a part in how uniformly food prepares — the distance food is put from the warming components, the quantity of components utilized, the situation of the components inside the stove, and how well the components keep a set temperature.

Some toasters, similar to our spending plan pick, are outfitted with just two warming components. Yet, less warming components aren’t really a sign of unfortunate toasting execution. Assuming the stove cavity is little, two components are sufficient to direct intensity. All things considered, stay away from bigger toasters with two or three components since they will not have the option to equally disseminate heat. The additional warming components a microwave toaster oven has, the greater and more costly it will be.

A few brands will publicize the material of their toaster’s warming components, and for the most part, broilers utilizing quartz or ceramic will cost more than those utilizing Calrod. However, in the entirety of our examination and testing, we didn’t see predictable connections between’s component type and either cost or execution. For example, our spending plan pick, the Hamilton Ocean side, has similar quartz components as the Cuisinart Gourmet specialist’s Convection Toaster, which costs more than $200. What’s more, the Wolf Connoisseur Ledge Stove we tried, which ordinarily costs more than $700, utilizes Calrod components, which are normally tracked down in less expensive models. Thus, it’s not generally worth paying something else for specific components, as execution changes with each stove.

Reasonable size:

We checked out at a scope of toasters in different sizes. Certain individuals need a little stove for basic errands like making toast or baking tidbits and treats. Others might favor a bigger unit, similar to a ledge stove, to cook a 12-or 13-inch pizza or dish an entire chicken. Bigger toasters ought to have the option to do all that a standard stove would be able, so it’s significant they have sufficient room between the base rack and the upper warming components to fit a 5-to 6-pound chicken. In the event that the broiler hole is too limited, the chicken bosom will be excessively near the upper warming components and the skin will consume.

Remember that a huge toaster can be weighty and is more unwieldy to move; this implies living on your counter is more probable. Little toasters are a lot lighter and more straightforward to hide in a pantry.

Useful accessories:

Most toasters accompany similar essential extras — a scrap plate, a stove rack, and a baking skillet. More-costly models normally offer different stove racks and extra container, for example, cooking and pizza dish. A piece plate is totally important to get scraps and oil. Numerous toasters have surprising aspects that don’t fit standard baking dish, so pleasant they’re incorporated. However, assuming you as of now have a quarter or eighth sheet baking dish that fits the elements of your toaster, you might find it sturdier and more straightforward to clean. If you have any desire to buy additional broiler racks or baking dish, most producers sell these independently on the web.

Extra settings and features:

A solid clock and a broiler light are decent options, yet they’re excessive. Different highlights, similar to programmed cooking modes and racks that haul out when you open the entryway, are additionally helpful. A few elements are less plainly important — we’ve seen everything from toaster oven/toaster crossbreeds to models with rotisseries worked in. Throughout the long term we’ve tried a few stoves with rotisseries and view them as more difficulty than they’re worth — they don’t brown the bird equitably, and they can be an issue to gather and clean. At last, we zeroed in our hunt on models that had the option to deal with baking, toasting, and other standard undertakings well.

We additionally took a gander at savvy toasters, like the excessively valued June Broiler; it flaunts a HD camera (which screens your food as it cooks), carbon fiber warming components, and two convection fans. At the point when we tried the June Broiler in 2018, we didn’t feel the innovation was adequately useful to legitimize the cost, and the stove didn’t create improved results than our pick, the Cuisinart, which costs essentially less. We perceive that for exactly, a degree of computerization could demonstrate supportive, so we’ll keep on testing shrewd broilers. Be that as it may, we haven’t yet tried one where the elements feel worth the venture for a great many people.


One component that makers like to promote is convection, which essentially implies that a fan circles the hot air inside the stove. Assuming you’re keen on air broiling and have the counter space, air fryer toasters like our update pick have all the more remarkable fans that cook food a piece quicker and a piece crisper. In any case, any toaster with convection will hold more food and cook more uniformly than a unit formed air fryer.

All things considered, we didn’t believe convection to be a priority highlight (however practically all very good quality models presently incorporate it). For the vast majority essential undertakings, it doesn’t have a tremendous effect. We did our own test to perceive how break-and-heat Cost House treats varied when prepared on a convection setting versus a standard setting. The convection-prepared treats were fresh outwardly and somewhat half-cooked in the middle. The customarily prepared treats were fresh outside and delicate inside. In any case, the outcomes didn’t leave us thinking one technique was better than the other.

Adequate guarantees:

Paying little heed to cost, most toasters offer a standard one-year guarantee. An exemption is the Cuisinart Culinary specialist’s Convection Toaster (one of our top picks), which was the main model we tried that accompanied an amazing three-year guarantee. Our redesign pick, the Breville Shrewd Stove Air Fryer Master, accompanies a two-year guarantee.


Can you use metal cookware in these kinds of machines?

For units where you utilize both the microwave and toaster in a similar space. You can utilize metal cookware or bakeware however you can’t utilize metal when the microwave capabilities are in activity. The inside is typically artistic or porcelain lacquer.

How much clearance will I need for a microwave toaster oven?

The solution to that question truly relies upon the actual microwave. I’ve gone over stoves where the suggested freedom was 12 creeps on the top and others required 8 inches.


Assuming I were picking between the microwave convection broilers on this page, I’d need to go with the Cuisinart CMW-200. It has a great deal of highlights, a ton of good client criticism. Furthermore, it is more generally accessible than the other two models recorded on this page. Clients even think that is a gorgeous machine. In general, the Cuisinart CMW-200 has a blend of cost and highlights that make it worth taking a risk on.

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